Our History

Texas OneGulf was established in January 2015 as a Texas Center of Excellence after the Deepwater Horizon disaster to advance research into ongoing impacts from the oil spill and other long-term issues that threaten the health and sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico.

Map of the Texas OneGulf consortium of nine top state institutions
Map of the Texas OneGulf consortium of nine top state institutions

What We're Doing Today

The RESTORE Act designates five disciplines that must be addressed: coastal sustainability, restoration and protection; fisheries and wildlife research and monitoring; safe offshore energy development; sustainable and resilient economic growth; and comprehensive Gulf of Mexico observation, monitoring and mapping. Texas OneGulf advances these areas through its Strategic Research Action Plan.

Strategic Research and Action Plan

The Strategic Research and Action Plan lays out our research goals and capacity we have to advance our vision, which is for OneGulf to become a trusted network of Gulf experts that provides science-driven information to decision-makers working to ensure the environmental, economic and human health sustainability of the Texas Gulf coast and beyond. There are two goals of the Plan – improve understanding of the Gulf of Mexico as a large marine ecosystem, and improve understanding of the connections between environmental and human health to the benefit of both.

Below you can access the Plan, OneGulf research data, results from previous research and learn about upcoming opportunities.

Texas OneGulf: Completed Research

Beginning in 2015, the first 5 years of operation for the RESTORE funded Texas OneGulf Center of Excellence resulted in 7 projects totaling nearly $3 million for research addressing priority problems affecting the health and wellbeing of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. This funding was supplemented by the Office of the Governor, resulting in an additional 11 projects with about $2 million in research funding. These projects represented the first major allocation of research dollars from the Texas OneGulf consortium. The projects tackled a variety of issues that directly impact the Gulf of Mexico and its residents.

Texas OneGulf: Current Projects & Opportunities

Texas OneGulf is currently developing its next phase of a scientific research program. Key to program development is guidance from the Texas OneGulf Consortium Leadership group, which acts as a Board of Directors and is comprised of senior representatives from each of OneGulf’s nine-member consortium of research institutions. The Center of Excellence has also formed the Texas OneGulf Agency Council to better inform OneGulf on priority decision-making needs and the development of projects. The Council is composed of agency leadership from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Division on Emergency Management, Texas General Land Office, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Water Development Board. Texas OneGulf is working with these groups to establish a Committee-based project selection process and timeline – stay tuned for more information.

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